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Controversy/History Series – "Who's Putting Our House in Order

Subtopic(s): Housing and Evictions in Richmond

the Valentine’s Controversy/ History series will partner with Richmond 300, the city’s master planning process, to explore big questions about the kind of city we hope to become. By comparing the debates of the past with contemporary data and modern issues, we’ll explore how Richmond’s complicated history can help us shape our shared future.

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Controversy/History Volunteer Opportunities

Assemble and Donate Emergency Hygiene Bags

Assemble Hygiene Bags with emergency travel sized hygiene items for our clients going into emergency housing and clients who have been impacted by COVID-19. Some of our clients do not have a consistent shelter or access to a bathroom or water so body wipes and hand sanitizer are especially useful. (two hours per every 5 bags!) If you are interested in this opportunity please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

Through 12/31/20