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Controversy/History Volunteer Opportunities

Gardening at Girls For A Change

Help us get our learning garden fall ready! We would like volunteers to join us at Girls For A Change to help us with upkeep of our garden. We need your help tending to our beautiful flowers, wonderful smelling lavender, and various fruits and vegetables, in our own backyard! Do you have a green thumb or just like helping keeping the earth beautiful? Come join us for a community day of gardening.

12/14/19 8:00 AM

Historic Evergreen Cemetery Clean Up

Please join the Enrichmond Foundation at Historic Evergreen Cemetery for volunteer clean-up days. The volunteer days will take place most Saturdays 9:00AM-12:00PM. Historic Evergreen Cemetery is a historic African-American cemetery, created in 1891 and located in Richmond's East End. It is the resting place for many of Richmond’s African-American leaders of the 19th and 20th centuries, including Maggie L. Walker, John Mitchell, Jr., and Rev. J. Andrew Bowler. There are an estimated 10,000 plots in Evergreen, most of which have become overgrown after over 40 years of neglect. Due to the delicate nature of the headstones, the use of heavy equipment is very limited. Please be careful as you clear areas on, or around the headstones. Your volunteer time is crucial to the success of this project as we reclaim and maintain the cemetery. Volunteers must sign in and sign a waiver liability form in order to volunteer. Volunteer tasks include clearing overgrowth and debris from pathways and grave markers and grave marker recording. Tools will be provided. Volunteers should dress for being outside Please dress for cold weather! ● Wear Layers/ T-shirt, shirt, jacket, scarf ● Wear Layers/Leg warmers and jeans ● Warm Hat ● Closed toe tennis shoes, or boots with a few pairs of socks ● Ear warmers Location: Location: Historic East End & Evergreen Cemetery – 50 Evergreen Rd, Richmond, VA 23223 You will see a bright green sign once you make it to the entrance of the cemetery. Please follow the bright green signs, and orange cones for directions for parking. Please keep driving speed at 5mph upon entrance to the cemetery. Thank you. Carpooling s strongly encouraged as parking is limited.

12/14/19 9:00 AM + more

Friends of James River Park Volunteer Day

The James River Park System, a unique part of Richmond’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities, includes over 600 acres of shoreline and islands in the capital of Virginia, extending in 16 sections from the Huguenot Bridge in the west to a half mile beyond the I-95 Bridge in the east. It includes most of the fall line of the James River. Rocks, rapids, meadows, and forests make for an area of unspoiled natural beauty -- a little bit of wilderness in the heart of the city. Volunteers are needed throughout the year at multiple JRPS sites for trash pick-up, trail maintenance, graffiti and invasive plant species removal, and overall clean-up and beautification of parks and the river. Specific tasks and location will be sent to volunteers the week of the upcoming volunteer project. Join the RVA community in keeping the James River Park System the most visited park in Richmond and the reason RVA was voted the best river town in the US! Volunteers should dress appropriately for the weather and working conditions around the park. Closed-toe shoes are required, long pants and shirts are encouraged. Expect clothes and shoes to become dirty, possibly wet, or get paint on them, depending on the task for the day. Volunteers should bring their own water bottles and gloves if you have them. Youth volunteers are the responsibility of the adult volunteers serving with them--please use your judgment when registering. All volunteers who plan to attend must be registered. This includes youth. If the post indicates adults must be present, youth and adults must register using the team functionality. To learn more about our team functionality, please view our Volunteer with a Group page. Registration for this project will close 12 hours in advance.

1/11/20 9:00 AM + more

Invasive Non-native Plant Removal

We will pull up invasive plants such as English ivy, Japanese honeysuckle and privet. These invasive plants compete with our native plants for moisture, sunlight and nutrients. Our native birds, insects and animals depend on native plants for food and shelter and it is vital that the natives grow and thrive. Bring gloves, water and hand clippers if you have them.

12/28/19 10:00 AM + more

Shiver in the River 2020 - General Event Day Help

Shiver in the River is the coolest winter festival in RVA! Individuals and groups will clean up litter and recyclables in the Tredegar and surrounding areas, walk or run in a 5k, and leap in the chilly James River. Volunteers needed for volunteer sign-in, run information table, bag check, water/soda station. Duties includes giving volunteers drink tickets, nametags, assign tasks and provide directions of where volunteers should be and what they should be doing. In addition, volunteers are needed to provide information to event attendees (direct attendees where the race starts, where the jump is, bathrooms) and other tasks as assigned. www.shiverintheriver.com

2/29/20 8:00 AM + more

Urban Fruit Tree Arborist Volunteer

We are looking for a skilled volunteer to help maintain NRC’s community fruit trees and shrubs. You would be taking care of our existing 6 fruit trees, native blueberries and native chokeberries, by helping out with pruning and soil amendments. There are also opportunities to plant new fruit trees if this lines up with your interests and time commitments. In Fulton, a low resource community where many residents face significant barriers to healthy food access, NRC seeks to provide both greater access to healthy foods, as well as the skills and resources for community members to grow their own food. The fruit trees and other edible landscaping on our property are both openly available to the Fulton community as well as part of our youth garden and cooking education with NRC’s afterschool program. Requirements of Position: We are looking for a volunteer with background or training in tree maintenance, preferably with experience with fruit trees/ orchards. Volunteers should be willing to follow our policy for using natural methods for pest, disease, and weed control, with an eye towards minimizing negative impact on our water system. Training Provided: All volunteers go through a general NRC orientation before volunteering, in an hour-long session which can be scheduled 1 on 1 according to your schedule. After orientation, there will be a training on tool safety which can also be scheduled according to volunteer schedule. If, after getting started with the position, you are interested in your volunteer position expanding to include programming with community members or youth, on-going training would include trauma-informed care and equity-based community engagement. Location: Volunteering will be onsite at the Neighborhood Resource Center. Time Commitment: We are asking for a 6 month commitment to volunteering, but this volunteer position is very flexible for what hours work for you. NRC’s program hours are typically Monday-Friday 10 am-6 pm, but you can volunteer on your own time during the weekend if preferred. The estimate of number of hours required is based on season: November-February: 5-10 hours a month. February- May: 5-10 hours a month May- October: 0-5 hours/ month Duties: Pruning, collecting samples for soil tests, reading and interpreting soil tests, and making appropriate soil amendments. Communicating with NRC garden coordinator about necessary tools or supplies, and hours of work. If you are interested in supporting more fruit tree plantings at the NRC, or are interested in supporting Fulton community members growing fruit trees, duties can vary with interest. Benefits: Volunteers will be part of creating greater food access for the Fulton community, and have the opportunity to meet community members who are engaged and passionate about growing their own food. Our orientation is an opportunity to learn about the history of Fulton and engage with community-led programs and development. You will be added to a mailing list with NRC events, and have the opportunity to participate in gardening skills workshops offered to the Fulton community. Can be involved hands-on in planning process for future tree installations, will be connected with network of urban farmers in Richmond. Can take home excess produce and harvest any herbs available in our garden on days when you come in to volunteer.