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Studio Two Three

At Studio Two Three, our mission is simple yet ambitious: we empower artists to make art and make change. It is our fundamental belief that artists create the conditions for a healthy and vibrant society. Since 2009, we've provided thousands of artists with 24/7 studio access, robust educational programs, artist residency & essential support of a creative community. 


We catalyze artmaking for civic voice and social justice, partnering with activists & leaders on creative advocacy initiatives. In Richmond, artists are at the forefront of a movement to heal old wounds, amplify the voices of marginalized communities & grow as a progressive Southern town. This is due in no small part to Studio Two Three's work, providing artists with space, tools & community support. 


We are committed to providing a creative home for all artists - regardless of color, gender, orientation, ability, religion, economic status or experience. We are expanding our circles of engagement in partnership with organizations that have boots on the ground every day working to make our city more equitable. We know that empowering artists must extend beyond studio space & tools; therefore, we are providing artists with whole-person support, including paid transportation, mentorship, business acumen & healthcare clinics.

Arts & Culture
3300 W Clay St, Richmond, VA, 23230, United States