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Amy's Army RVA


Our Mission Amy’s Army of Cancer Warriors is dedicated to raising awareness about cancer research and prevention, including the life-saving cancer research conducted by VCU Massey Cancer Center. • Cancer disparities: Massey Cancer Center accepts all patients, regardless of insurance or ability to pay, and they are working to reduce inequities in cancer outcomes. Because today, if you are a minority, you are much more likely to die of cancer. That must change. • Transportation disparities: Lack of transportation is a key barrier to getting diagnosed and treated. You cannot be diagnosed, treated and cured if you do not get to your appointments. Our Story Amy’s Army of Cancer Warriors was developed by a group of friends who coalesced around the idea of promoting cancer prevention and research. It is a grass roots fundraising team that produces events to provide much needed funds for cancer research and support for the jewel of RVA that is Massey Cancer Center.

Health & Wellness
Richmond, VA, 23220