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HandsOn Managed Projects (Volunteer Leader)

HandsOn works with community partners to scope and develop recurring volunteer projects on our Opportunity Calendar that we match with a trained Volunteer Leader (VL) for a year or more. The VL is the liaison between the partnter and the volunteers, assisting with day-of project management and coordinating communication with volunteers to ensure a successful project both for the volunteers and for the nonprofit. This project-based model allows space for the unaffiliated volunteer looking for episodic opportunities to attend short-term volunteer opportunities, while still serving the long-term needs of the nonprofit.


HandsOn's nonprofit partners post their ongoing, one time, or skill based needs to our site to recruit for volunteers. Projects are managed by the partner organization directly. Volunteers "Express Interest" in the opportunity and the partner will follow up with the volunteer to schedule them to serve. Opportunities may also offer volunteers a chance to apply perse skills with flexibility that fits their schedules. Community partners can utilize our site for comprehensive communication tools and attendance and hour tracking. A free, 2.5 hour training is required of partners for this option. Trainings are offered every month.

Corporate Volunteerism

We offer a portal to hundreds of volunteer needs from community partners and our expertise in community service to corporations. We can connect you to a real need in the community or create a customized, hands-on group volunteer project that complements team building, leadership development, and philanthropy initiatives. Based on your budget and the unique needs of your business, HandsOn can develop and coordinate a volunteer project for your company. Special events also provide sponsorship opportunities. 

Volunteer Leaders

Ready to take your service to the next level? With the help of our trained Volunteer Leaders, HandsOn develops and manages projects, from nonprofit contact and volunteer sign-ups to project management and follow-up. We'll train you and match you to lead a specific project within a year. As our strongest link to the community, Volunteer Leaders ensure that every volunteer has a positive experience and that the real needs of the community partner are being met. We also provide year-round professional development and social activities.

DIY Volunteering

Do-it-yourself volunteering offers families and groups of all ages the chance to become contributing community members from the comfort of their own homes. It provides a means to engage in volunteering in a non-traditional way. Volunteers create or assemble much-need items to benefit a local nonprofit organization at home, and HandsOn will deliver the items. DIY Volunteer projects provide you with the tools necessary to become connected with our community at a familiar place and at a convenient time. Gather over food, at a party, or a civic group meeting.



A listing of open Board volunteer positions with our community partners.

Service Enterprise

The goal of the Service Enterprise Initiative is to strengthen the capacity of organizations to strategically and effectively engage volunteers to address community needs. HandsOn Greater Richmond offers the Service Enterprise training as the Hub for Central Virginia.

Special Events

Several times a year, HandsOn puts on large, city-wide days of service. Working with dozens of community agencies in one day, volunteers serve together, often over a common cause or theme. We also host registration for events that are managed by our community partners. These days often introduce citizens to service and capture the energy and spirit of hundreds to thousands of volunteers across Metro Richmond.