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Projects That Need Some Love

No More Lonely Soles - Sign Up for Individuals (Not Groups)

Volunteer Project: By volunteering at the Soles4Souls warehouse, you get the opportunity to help process the shoes brought in from the community and retailers. Each bag/box that the shoes come in needs to be opened so that the shoes can be paired together. We will write you a service letter if needed for however much time you spend processing. Soles4Souls Mission: Soles4Souls creates sustainable jobs and provides relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world. It’s estimated that 21 billion pounds of textile waste is dumped in landfills every year. That makes up more than 5% of all municipal waste generated every year. Since 2006, Soles4Souls has diverted 23.8 million pounds of shoes and clothes from landfills and instead created meaningful economic opportunities and helped provide new shoes for those in need around the globe. Gently-worn shoes collected help individuals start and sustain small businesses to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Here is the impact an entrepreneur can make with the sale of 1, 20 or 30 pairs of shoes. 1 pair of shoes can provide 5 meals for Marie-Ange and her family in Haiti, 20 pairs of shoes can provide a year’s worth of shelter for Ginette and her family in Haiti and 30 pairs of shoes can provide a year’s worth of schooling for Tracy’s daughter in Honduras. Other Ask: Please feel free to bring used shoes/clothing with you to donate! Directions: Soles4Souls is in a shared building (1700 Jefferson Davis Highway, Ste. E). When approaching the building you will see a long chain link fence on the perimeter, a ton of parked and sometimes active semi trucks and a long building. Make an immediate right turn when you come into the parking lot and go all the way to the end of the building where our warehouse is located. You can park anywhere in front of our space. The warehouse does NOT have AC/Heat so dress accordingly. Also, please wear comfortable clothing as this includes a lot of bending and moving. You’re welcome to play music in the warehouse so feel free to bring a speaker. IMPORTANT Information Before Signing Up: GROUPS ARE WELCOME BUT NEED TO SCHEDULE THEIR TIME SEPARATELY - DO NOT REGISTER THROUGH THIS POST - EMAIL STEPHAINEH@SOLES4SOULS.ORG to SCHEDULE 5+ PEOPLE. Cameras are present in the Regional Donation Center. ALL Volunteers must submit waiver and Covid questionnaire before volunteering - must be filled out at least 24 hours prior to service: Masks are REQUIRED - theree are cloth and disposable masks available if you forget yours We provide sanitizer and encourage frequent hand-washing COURT-RELATED: MINORS: You must be accompanied throughout the duration of your service by an adult. ADULTS: You must show documentation from the courts regarding your need for service hours prior to coming to the facility. ALL: We do not accept the following charges having to do with larceny, theft, forgery, breaking & entering, assault, felonies, civil disobedience charges, and any violent or sexual offenses. We also do not take charges for selling and distributing drugs. You must pick up a volunteer hours log at the Regional Center and have a Supervisor at Soles4Souls sign this at the end of each volunteer shift. MUST Submit this Court-Related Waiver and Disclousure Form:

AOG Food Processing

When you are volunteering, please follow these tips for healthy volunteering. HandsOn Greater Richmond emphasizes the importance of wearing a mask, social distancing, and not volunteering if you don't feel well. Help process our Panera Bread and Chick-Fil-A donations that we receive every Tuesday and Wednesday morning and Monday and Friday afternoons at our food pantry. Volunteers will make bread bags, package bagels and deserts, and make lunches to send to Doorways and other communities in need. If you are interested in volunteering please select a date and complete our Volunteer Application so that we have your infromation on file.

Mobile Produce Pantry - Produce Distribution at the Sacred Heart Center

World U.P. is dedicated to creating peacefully diverse communities. Our Mobile Produce Pantry cultivates food security in food deserts, through the distribution of produce to community members who lack access to fresh and nutrient-rich foods. Access to healthy foods creates food security within communities and healthy minds that allow communities to live together peacefully without the judgment of others. We are in need of passionate volunteers to help us run our monthly Mobile Produce Pantry distribution in Manchester. Volunteers will: help set up and organize booth; distribute produce, coffee, and water; and engage with community members. Volunteers are encouraged to bring a water bottle, sunscreen, and wear comfortable, and weather-appropriate clothing. COVID-19 PROCEDURES With the presence of COVID-19, World U.P. has undertaken the following procedures to mitigate exposure and ensure the safety of its Staff, Volunteers, and the communities we serve: Anyone who is experiencing COVID symptoms is encouraged to stay home. All Staff & Volunteers will be required to have their temperature checked upon arrival. All Staff & Volunteers are required to wear masks. Enforcing 6-feet social distance requirements. Requiring and providing gloves to all of our Staff & Volunteers Pantry Occupancy Limited to 2 people Fulfilling orders at each door to continue to assure choice-model Discontinuing coffee services and/or other self-serve extras We will not be accepting reusable bags. Recyclable Plastic bags or cardboard boxes, where possible, will be used to distribute food items

Richmond Community ToolBank General Warehouse and Tool Maintenance

Please join the Richmond Community ToolBank for an exciting volunteer opportunity. The Richmond Community ToolBank is a nonprofit tool lending program that provides fellow not-for-profit organizations with year-round access to an inventory of tools for use in volunteer projects and for facility and grounds maintenance. We provide tools to enhance the charitable sector’s capacity to serve, facilitating hands-on volunteerism in the greater Richmond area. The Richmond ToolBank maintains an 10,000 sq ft warehouse in Scott’s Addition and an inventory comprised of more than 200 different types of tools and equipment in volumes large enough to equip thousands of volunteers at a time. Access to ToolBank tools eliminates the need for agencies to incur the expense of purchasing, repairing, and storing tools, reducing the costs associated with service projects and allowing these agencies to focus more of their resources on their mission. The Richmond Community ToolBank thrives on volunteerism. As a small, staff, we welcome volunteers of all experience levels to serve alongside us in the warehouse, so we can better serve our non-profit partner organizations. Volunteer tasks include pulling tool orders, restocking tool orders, cleaning/branding/sharpening tools, general tool maintenance, tidying up the warehouse, sorting and taking inventory of overstocked tools, and more. We welcome individuals, repeat volunteers, and groups no matter the experience or skill level. Tools and supplies are provided. Volunteers should wear closed-toed shoes and comfortable clothing for moving around a warehouse. Parking is located in the rear parking lot, parallel to the interstate.


The James River Park System, a unique part of Richmond’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities, includes over 600 acres of shoreline and islands in the capital of Virginia, extending in 16 sections from the Huguenot Bridge in the west to a half mile beyond the I-95 Bridge in the east. It includes most of the fall line of the James River. Rocks, rapids, meadows, and forests make for an area of unspoiled natural beauty -- a little bit of wilderness in the heart of the city. Volunteers are needed throughout the year at multiple JRPS sites for trash pick-up, trail maintenance, graffiti and invasive plant species removal, and overall clean-up and beautification of parks and the river. Specific tasks and location will be sent to volunteers the week of the upcoming volunteer project. Join the RVA community in keeping the James River Park System the most visited park in Richmond and the reason RVA was voted the best river town in the US! Volunteers should dress appropriately for the weather and working conditions around the park. Closed-toe shoes are required, long pants and shirts are encouraged. Expect clothes and shoes to become dirty, possibly wet, or get paint on them, depending on the task for the day. Volunteers should bring their own water bottles and gloves if you have them. Youth volunteers are the responsibility of the adult volunteers serving with them--please use your judgment when registering. All volunteers who plan to attend must be registered. This includes youth. If the post indicates adults must be present, youth and adults must register using the team functionality. To learn more about our team functionality, please view our Volunteer with a Group page. Registration for this project will close 12 hours in advance.

Civic Life Today: A Plan to Action

There are multiple ways to be an agent of change for your community. We have created Civic Life: A Plan to Action to educate and inspire participants to become active and engaged citizens. This 60 minute session will introduce participants to civic engagement, review core community issues, and help participants develop a personalized plan to community action. When you align your skills and interests to community needs, real change happens, and everyone benefits. Participants will: Learn 8 ways to be civically engaged Explore core issues in your community Uncover your personal values and motivations Learn about ways to give back with your time, money and voice This session will be held virtually. A link to the virtual meeting will be sent prior to the date. This event is open to the public so please bring a friend! HandsOn Greater Richmond is a program of the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond. Click Here for more information.