Mindful Mornings 

This month's theme: Gender Equality

Mindful Mornings is a monthly, interactive social good speaker series on a mission to connect, inspire and teach do-gooders so they can more expeditiously and efficiently achieve their world-changing goals. These do-gooders are people from all walks of life who gather together because of similar heartsets or soulsets, not similar mindsets.

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Mindful Mornings Volunteer Opportunities

Guest Speaker for Girls Program

It is called Response.Ability. Following is the mission statement: To develop young women into future leaders who make community-building decisions. With community support, we believe there is NO limit to what can be accomplished within the many and various communities of our great city. We believe our city can be improved one woman at a time, socially, politically, economically and spiritually. With that in mind, we will be holding monthly meetings to allow young ladies the opportunity to participate in this program where we can all support them as they progress into adulthood. WHO?: Response.Ability. (www.responseabilityrva.com) WHAT?: Character-Development Program for Young Women aged 7 to 17 years old WHEN?: Every 1st Saturday of the month WHERE?: Various locations Things to know: 1. Dress is business casual incorporating the Response. Ability. organization colors of orange and pink. 2. Program coordinator will set up a face-to-face interview meeting for upcoming event. If no contact is made, please feel free to send an email to response.ability.rva@gmail.com. 3. Here is a sampling of the topics where guest speaker can choose their top 3 choices if they are able to speak: Character Entrepreneurship Abusive / Healthy Relationships Self Identity Financial Literacy Makeup and Hygiene Professional Atmospheres Responsibilities Dreams Social Media Etiquette Diet (natural foods) Importance of Reading Kindness Boldness Passion Projects and Talents Mental Health Mindfulness Positive and Powerful Women Figures Self Esteem Sex Education Respecting Elders Cursive Writing Human Trafficking

Through 9/7/20