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Organization Profile

Furbish Thrift is a program of The William A. Harrison Jr. Foundation. The primary purpose of the store is to create a sustainable revenue source to raise funds for animal care organizations in Greater Richmond through sales of donated merchandise in a retail setting. Our support will include direct grants to non-profits already doing the work: TNR and feral colony management; animal rescue, including native wildlife; low- cost pet spay/neuter; parasite prevention; and minor medical intervention. Our dream is to help connect and amplify these organizations, including the 50+ vital smaller ones that are largely built and run by volunteers, and to become a reliable, helpful hub that unites the animal community. Our retail space will host ongoing adoption events, vaccination clinics, and provide an accessible home to a permanent pet food and supply pantry. Over time, our efforts will include partner programming, targeted education, fundraising events, and even a cat cafe.

Animals, Low-income Communities
Richmond, VA, 23225